We love working with start-ups. It’s an exciting time, and a little bit scary. And we can help you navigate the journey.

Most people who start up in business do so because they have a good idea and the commitment to see it through, not because they are experts in running a business. That's where we can help.

Start up businesses

We can help to get your business set up and registered with HMRC and Companies House. Once you take the leap, we will always be on hand to give one-to-one support and advice on business strategy. We can even provide quarterly accounts, to help you see how your business is performing and make informed decisions about your future strategy.

What is the best way to keep business records? Is there a better way than Excel?

What is the most tax-efficient way of taking money out of the company?

Do I need to be VAT or PAYE registered?

Is it better to be a sole trader or a limited company?

You might be thinking:

With the right support from the outset we can help you get set up with the correct structure and navigate through all the questions  you will have.

I have worked with Weaver since starting up as a sole trader over 10 years ago.

 As we have grown and evolved over time the advice we have received from Weaver has been, and continues to be, particularly important.

 Sarah has always been knowledgeable, reliable and proactive and is a valuable part of our team

Joanne Grubb, JG Creative Limited